Little Buffalos Preschool's philosophy is to provide the highest quality of care to children under the center's supervision. Little Buffalos Preschool believes that every child deserves a safe, stable, and warm environment to learn and grow in. Every child is unique-it is believed we should all help each one of them shine in their own way.


Our center focuses on the power of play, communication, and a team of teachers hand-picked and excited to help each child develop and grow:



  • Play and learning go hand in hand, and through the day of play, learning will be implemented in every activity
  • Each child deserves the opportunity to explore, create, and imagine through their developmental stages and we will ensure each child feels safe and secure in doing so



  • We believe a strong bond between parents, staff, and management is key, and encourage families to join the classroom whenever possible.
  • We respect each family's values, beliefs and goals, and encourage open lines of communication between parents, staff, and management.



  • Our staff are hand-picked and special in their own way. They are educated and trained to teach and play with the children, with a focus on continuing education throughout the year.


Children’s education and development are the most important factors in their early years of growing and learning. Little Buffalos Preschool employees, facilities, and curriculum exceeds the standards established by State of Wisconsin Department of Children and Family Services. The environment that the children are in will be loving, nurturing and safe. Together we can all support the children to grow with a healthy and stable environment. It is Little Buffalos Preschool’s personal mission to help each child learn and grow to be the best that they can be!

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Every child is unique. It is believed that we should help each one of them shine in their own way.


Little Buffalos Preschool is designed with your child in mind! Large classrooms equipped with all the tools to learn and grow, an open kitchen, playgrounds, and plenty of space for activities.