We believe children learn best through play and interaction with others. Instead of having a set curriculum, we focus on individual milestones. Learning and child development are inspired by different themes throughout the year. 

About The Room

The Little Buffalos infant program delivers rich opportunities for physical, social, and intellectual learning in a nurturing environment. The materials and culture of the classroom are all carefully coordinated to provide opportunities for infants to grow and safely explore at life’s most critical developmental phase.

  • Focus on development stages like following an object, reaching, sitting up, rolling over, scooting, crawling, and much more
  • Fill room with bright pictures and toys to encourage stimulation and growth
  • Design our rooms to be hazard-free to promote rolling and movement
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Every child is unique. We believe in helping the individual shine in their own way.

Daily Routine

  • Close teacher interaction with a variety of activities, including: singing, reading, holding and rocking
  • Interactive play time with colorful infant toys
  • Outside time, including stroller walks
  • Teachers will do their best to incorporate traditions and routines at home into their schedule at preschool
  • Teachers provide parents with updates on changing, eating, and in-care sleep schedules.

What To Bring On The First Day

  • Bottles - labeled with name and date
  • Formula/breast milk
  • Diapers - bring plenty, we have lots of room to store extra diapers
  • Diaper cream - if needed
  • Multiple changes of clothing
  • Security blanket/toy - if needed
  • Pacifier - if used