We believe children learn best through play and interaction with others. Instead of having a set curriculum, we focus on individual milestones. Learning and child development are inspired by different themes throughout the year. 

About The Room

In the 4-year-old classroom, the teachers work with the children on becoming self-confident, responsible, and independent young learners. The teachers also work with the class on social/cultural awareness, creativity, and imagination.

In the school age classroom, children will enjoy activities that are fun, but also enriching for them. The overall goal for the students is to have them enjoy time in the classroom while also keeping their minds actively engaged.

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Every child is unique. We believe in helping the individual shine in their own way.

Daily Routine

  • Playing and sharing with friends
  • Daily learning activities, including, reading, writing, coloring, and games
  • Outside playground time
  • Teachers will do their best to incorporate traditions and routines at home into their schedule at the preschool
  • Teachers will update parents on routines and daily activities

What To Bring On The First Day

  • Backpack
  • Water Bottle
  • 2 Sets of Extra Clothes/extra socks
  • Sunscreen(seasonal)
  • Bug spray(seasonal)
  • Shoes for outdoor play(seasonal)
  • Jacket for cooler days
  • Warm clothing for colder weather/outdoor gear