We believe children learn best through play and interaction with others. Instead of having a set curriculum, we focus on individual milestones. Learning and child development are inspired by different themes throughout the year. 

About The Room

In our toddler classrooms, the teachers work to create the ultimate fun learning experience for the kiddos. They focus on using sign language and words to express the children’s feelings and needs. In our toddler program we:

  • Practice playing alongside and with their friends
  • Learn to share toys, help pick up toys, and take turns during activities
  • Work on large and small motor skills, such as learning to kick a ball
  • Design our rooms to be hazard free to promote rolling and crawling, and are filled with bright pictures and toys to encourage stimulation and development
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Every child is unique. We believe in helping the individual shine in their own way.

Daily Routine

  • Playtime with toddler toys
  • Circle time to learn letters, colors, nursery rhymes, and read books
  • Outside playtime, including walks in a stroller
  • Teachers will do their best to incorporate traditions and routines at home into their schedule at the preschool
  • Teachers will update parents on when a toddler eats, sleeps, and is changed

What To Bring On The First Day

  • Sleeping bag/mat for napping
  • Diapers
  • Diaper cream – if needed
  • Multiple changes of clothing
  • Pacifier – if used
  • Water bottle
  • Shoes for outdoor play
  • Winter-weather clothing
  • Summer swimsuit/swim diapers
  • Sunscreen
  • Art smock/large t-shirt